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Boric assures that he will apply all the firmness of the law

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truckers strike chile

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Boric remarked that “There is no basis for the strike to continue, There is less for those who spent hours talking with us, reached an agreement and today they don’t know it”. “If the truckers want to insist on harming our country, we tell them that we are going to act with all the firmness that the law grants us,” closed the president

during this day Different unions announced logistical supply problems due to the blocking of routes due to the demonstration. The Association of Supermarkets of Chile AG stated that the most affected area is northern Chile, including the cities of Valparaíso and San Antonio. “The members of our Association are making internal coordination efforts toto minimize the impact of this situation on the community,” the association said in the statement, adding that authorities were already aware of the problem.

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Also, The association expressed its concern, among various aspects, for the supply of perishable products because it will be “especially difficult” in the next few days if the truckers’ strike continues. “One of the important problems is the loss of perishable food due to the breaking of cold chains”said the supermarket association.

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Radio University of Chile

For its part, the Food and Beverage Association (AB) pointed out that unemployment “is causing serious damage throughout the logistics chain, mainly affecting the normal supply of households and consumers in Chile”. In a statement, AB regretted the situation and He said he expected the authorities to achieve “a prompt and definitive solution.”

Unemployment, decreed by truckers of the Chilean confederation Fuerza del Norte, entered its fourth day this Thursday despite increasing pressure from the Government. Yesterday, the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá, affirmed that The State Security Law will be applied to truckers who continue to block routes that are affecting the normal functioning of the country.

Following the same line as Boric, this morning the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, He called on the truckers to “clear the routes” and clarified that they can “manifest”, but without affecting “the normal functioning of the country.” Monsalve reported, in a press conference, that there are 53 points with the presence of paralyzed truckers in the country, where half are on the shoulder and the other half on the road. “The damage that is produced to the country is enormous, the aggression of taking over the roads is not an aggression against the Government, it is an aggression against the citizens of the country and in that we cannot have flexibility”, declared the undersecretary of State.

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