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“Linz is Linz” is one of the world’s best tourism videos

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It polarized. It got excited. It made waves. And it has already won more than ten awards.

We are talking about the controversial “Linz ist Linz” video and the associated campaign, which made a name for itself in the summer of 2021. With statements like “Linz is a bit racist”, “Linz is horrid” and “Linz is a city for seniors” the video was not well received by everyone, criticism came from Linz city politics, for example. But there were also many positive comments. More than 10,000 hours of users watched “Linz is Linz,” according to the tourism association.

3rd place behind Madrid and Cannes

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With the “World’s Best Tourism Film Award”, presented in Valencia (Spain), there is now another prize to be booked. “Linz is Linz” took third place in the “Cities” category, making it one of the world’s best tourism videos.

The award is given by the “International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals”, which networks various tourism film festivals from four continents. Entries from ten festivals were judged, ranging from New York to Greece.

“Linz is Linz” finally came up 38 points and thus third place in the overall ranking. Madrid took the overall win with 54 points, second place went to Cannes (40 points). There were a total of 3000 film submissions, of which 250 made it into the ranking. “Linz is Linz” is the only film from Austria with a top ranking, tourism director Georg Steiner is proud of.

“This award for ‘Linz ist Linz’ makes us so proud because the film is certainly atypical for tourism and we were awarded an authentic work. This shows that Linz can be successful the way the city really is,” says Steiner, who feels confirmed in the path he has taken of seeing tourism holistically.

The two directors Sinisa Vidovic and Dinko Draganovic from the Linz film production company Forafilm are also very happy. “Our unusual concept worked. We are very honored that our video is recognized as one of the best in the world. The courage has paid off and is being rewarded – not only by the audience, but also by the experts,” they say.

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Source: Nachrichten

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