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Everything booked! – Rush for urban flu vaccination in Linz

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“No appointments available” it says when you want to register for a flu vaccination appointment in the new town hall on the website of the city of Linz. This is not a computer error, but the result of an increased willingness to vaccinate. The senior medical officer Ulla Schwarz and her staff will have vaccinated around 6,000 people between the end of October and Christmas – more than twice as many as before. “More is not possible in terms of space and personnel,” says Schwarz in the OÖN interview. Also, you only get a certain amount of vaccines.

“Pleasing development”

What may be annoying for the individual is a very positive development overall. The “real flu” or influenza is not a simple cold, but a serious illness. Against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, an influenza vaccination is recommended by the municipal health service. If you can’t get an appointment there, you can go to the family doctor, even if it’s a bit more expensive because you have to buy the vaccine yourself at the pharmacy and bring it with you.

Wide range of vaccinations

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There are several reasons why the municipal vaccination campaign ends at Christmas: on the one hand, the disease season starts in January, on the other hand, Schwarz and her employees are then busy with the school vaccinations. The flu vaccination is also not the only offer from the municipal health service. You can also get vaccinated against Covid-19, as well as many other diseases such as measles, tetanus, hepatitis or meningococci.

Source: Nachrichten

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