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Fiaker team went through and injured passer-by

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The incident occurred at 11:30 a.m. in downtown Vienna. A Fiaker driver tore part of the harness, which suddenly made his vehicle no longer steerable as he drove from Zedlitzgasse in the direction of Stephansplatz. “He was just a passenger,” said police spokesman Markus Dittrich.

At Stephansplatz, the Fiaker crashed into a parked carriage, whereupon the horses harnessed there scared the team in front of it. These horses are said to have run off without a leader. In the area of ​​the intersection with Rotenturmstrasse, the Fiacre crashed into a car, and a courageous passer-by managed to get the reins of the horses and bring them to a stop.

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The horses of the 49-year-old Fiaker driver were slightly injured, as were the two animals that had started running. There was damage to the carriages and the car. The torn harness was secured.

Source: Nachrichten

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