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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Ludwig for work permits for asylum seekers

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In the ORF “Press Hour” Ludwig said on Sunday that one should clarify “closely with the social partners” whether people can already be integrated into the labor market during the ongoing asylum process.

Ludwig pleaded for a “rational approach” and for not mixing up the topics of asylum, migration and integration. People who have a good chance of staying here should be integrated more quickly into the labor market. Also in view of the demographic development with the imminent retirement of the baby boomer generation, it is a major challenge to cover the need for workers. Whether and from when people should get a work permit during the asylum procedure should be clarified with the social partners. In this context, Ludwig spoke of a “strength” that was “necessary”. It is about creating a bridging function between the two subject areas of asylum and business location.

With regard to the quota for the federal states to accommodate asylum seekers, Ludwig once again called for solidarity not only from the federal government but also from the other states, because Vienna is the only federal state that fulfills the quota. However, the mayor of Vienna does not want sanctions for the other federal states, nor does he want the federal government to reintroduce the right to intervene. Instead, he wants a different culture of discussion.

Criticism of housing and heating subsidy

Ludwig criticized the expansion of the housing and heating subsidy announced by the federal government, as did his federal party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner the day before. He was very much in favor of households getting money in view of the dramatic increase in energy prices, but in his opinion a gas price cap like that in Germany would be better as a sustainable solution. Ludwig criticized the federal government because the states were not involved in the decision, and this was not known “at least officially” at the state governors’ conference on Friday. It would have made sense to inform the federal states at an early stage, because the federal states have already taken their own measures. That is why Vienna now wants to include this federal heating subsidy in its own energy support.

Ludwig sees two options in the forthcoming negotiations on a new financial equalization: the states could either get more money from the federal government via a new allocation key, or the sub-areas could be reassessed. As an example, he cited hospital financing, where the countries receive almost a billion less from social insurance through their lump sum.

Invitation to interview because of hospitals

In view of the bottlenecks in the hospitals, Ludwig sent an invitation to the medical association to find joint solutions. He pointed out that only 2,000 additional study places for nursing training have now been created and that the state governors have spoken out in favor of more study places and training places for doctors. When it came to Corona, the Mayor of Vienna was skeptical about the federal government’s intention to abolish the 3G rule in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes. Ludwig pointed out that these are particularly sensitive areas.

Ludwig did not want to say specifically whether he would make his mobile phone data available to the investigative commission on Wien Energie. We will wait and see what the chairman proposes. When asked whether explosive information was stored on it, he replied: “I don’t suppose so.” In any case, “with the knowledge from back then” he would act like this again, Ludwig defended that he had provided a total of 1.4 billion euros by emergency authority. And with today’s knowledge, none of this would have been necessary because the money was not needed. Ludwig emphasized that the urgency of the situation was given at the time and that he only had a few hours.

Regarding the Lobau Tunnel, the mayor stated that protests are always legitimate if they are non-violent. At the same time, he informed Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) that existing laws must also be implemented. And if she doesn’t want the law that provides for the north-east bypass, she would have to find a majority in the National Council for a change.

Ludwig remains in state politics

The mayor again ruled out a move to federal politics. And he also confirmed once again that Rendi-Wagner should be the top candidate for the SPÖ in the next national election.

Ludwig cannot understand the accusation of “hatefulness” raised by the Burgenland governor Hans Peter Doskozil after the internal party criticism regarding the survey on his federal political potential. He pleaded for substantive discussions, but the prerequisite for this is that you take part in meetings, he told his Burgenland colleague. Everyone in the SPÖ would like more exchange of content in the committees.

Source: Nachrichten

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