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Robbery victims had to drive perpetrators to ATMs

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In fact, it happened last Thursday. However, the police had an easy time investigating the suspect from the greater Linz area, according to the OÖN on St. Mary’s Day. Of the The man is said to have simply transferred several hundred euros directly from the victim’s account to himself. On St. Mary’s Day he was arrested by the Cobra.

The sequence of events: The 25-year-old first met a casual acquaintance in Linz and demanded money from him for unknown reasons. However, according to the police, the young man could not give him one, so he called the later victim, who is a casual acquaintance of his. When he arrived, he is said to have been asked by the 25-year-old to give him the money and was threatened with “beatings”. The 20-year-old had to drive to an ATM in Haid. There, the suspect is said to have used the victim’s account. The acquaintance of the suspect and the victim is considered a witness by the police.

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The accused did not confess to the police. He was taken to Linz Prison.


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Source: Nachrichten

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