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Without Bolsonaro, Lula received the presidential sash from the hands of social representatives

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A black woman placed the presidential sash on Lula, since the outgoing president Jair Bolsonaro, He traveled to the United States on Friday and did not cede the symbolic attribute, as has traditionally happened at the beginning of other governments.


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President Lula da Silva received the presidential sash from representatives of minority ethnic groups.

Shortly before Lula his wife, Janja, the cacique Raoni, a girl and other representatives of civil society went up the ramp.

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After receiving the presidential sash, he thanked the public from the Planalto Palace who attended the inauguration ceremony held in the Plaza de los Tres Poderes.

“My gratitude to the Brazilian people” and to the “caravan” that arrived from several states, Lula said from the “parlatorio” of the Planalto along with his wife Janja and Vice President Geraldo Alckmin.

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At the same time, promised to “rule for 215 million people” and not only for those who voted for him, he stressed that “nobody is interested in a country that lives on a war footing” and insisted on the need to “unite the country, because there are not two Brazils, but a single people that shares the virtue of not giving up”.

In his speech at the Planalto Palace, after receiving the presidential sash, Lula paraphrased a text by Chilean Pablo Neruda, stating that Brazilians know that “they can cut the flowers petal by petal, but everyone knows that spring will come. And here has arrived”.

In addition, he expressed before a crowd that his administration will combat “all inequalities: those of wealth, those of access to health and education and those of gender,” among others, and considered that “the reality of the country is obvious at every turn”.

“Together we are strong; divided we will always be the country of the future that never comes. There can be no place for so much inequality. The greatness of a country lies in the happiness of its people and no one is happy in the midst of so much inequality,” Lula said.

Source: Ambito

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