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There were 86,000 tons of waste in Linz in 2022

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Around the beginning of the year it is time to take stock – this also happened with the Linzer garbage. Around 86,600 tons of waste were generated in the Linz city area in 2022, including residual and organic waste as well as waste paper and glass. Compared to the average amounts of waste in the years 2017 to 2021, this year’s amounts of waste fell by around 2.8 percent.

This is mainly due to the reduced volume of waste paper collection. Since 2017, the amount of waste paper has fallen by 12.7 percent, from 15,000 to around 12,400 tons. The decisive factor here is likely to be the renunciation of expression in favor of digital media. On the other hand, the amount of cardboard boxes collected is on the rise, with online trade being the main driver here.

Around 130 employees work every day

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There are a total of 83 disposal vehicles for waste collection in Linz, 55 of which can be counted in the cityscape every day. In addition, around 130 employees work every day. In addition to the disposal of waste from properties and public waste collection points, their area of ​​responsibility also includes operating the four waste collection centers in Linz.

The environmentally friendly recycling of the respective types of waste also plays a central role in the state capital. For example, residual and bulky waste is used to generate electricity and heat at Linz AG, and organic waste is used to produce fertile humus or biogas.

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“With a conscious avoidance of waste, professional waste management through energetic use of the remaining amounts of residual waste and recycling, we are making a contribution to climate protection,” says City Councilor Dietmar Prammer (SP), who is responsible for waste management, and thanks the employees for their day-to-day commitment.


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