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New Year’s Eve and tons of garbage

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It is a result of horror: 85 employees of the city’s urban green and road maintenance department worked a total of 659 hours to clear up the “New Year’s rubbish” from their compatriots. 75 cubic meters of rubbish were collected and disposed of. Most of it did not end up in garbage cans and containers in the city, but in parks and green spaces. The holiday rubbish consisted of the remains of firecrackers, matches, empty cans, bottles and lots of packaging material.

Most of the garbage was in the south of the city. In Kleinmünchen and Pichling, 24 blown up garbage cans, three blown up dog bag dispensers and five damaged small metal panels were counted. In the two southern parts of the city, the clean-up work will take a few more days until the last rocket has been collected.

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Source: Nachrichten

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