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When Joseph Ratzinger tested the Rieder organ

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The reason for the visit: The Rieder organ was the object of desire that had lured Georg and Joseph Ratzinger to the Innviertel, more precisely to Ried. Because the cathedral in Regensburg was to be equipped with a new organ, which was to be built by the company that had also built the Schwanthaler organ in the parish church in Rieder.

That’s why Regensburg’s Cathedral Kapellmeister Georg Ratzinger and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who was in the church office in Munich-Freising at the time, wanted to test the sound of the organ, as the Rieder Volkszeitung reported in the summer of 1981: “If someone is interested in buying an instrument, then it’s the closest thing to it “That one gets to know the sound and the technical finesse. So Prof. Hermann Kronsteiner and the parish organist Joseph Werndl sat down on the organ bench to show the cardinal and his brother the ‘skills’ of the keyboard and pipe instruments. The impression that the high-ranking guests from the neighboring in Bavaria was extremely good; they didn’t skimp on praise,” said the Volkszeitung report at the time, combined with the speculation that an organ based on the Rieder model could soon also be heard in Regensburg Cathedral.

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