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Start the new year in style

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Actually, Josef Irsiegler prescribed a strict hibernation for his Fiat Cabrio from 1910. In view of the spring-like temperatures around the turn of the year, however, the honorary chairman of the Perg Puppet Theater made an exception and prepared a very special New Year’s surprise for the young club’s actors: a joint jaunt through Perg’s city centre.

Afterwards, toasts were given to the great success of the first club production, a puppet version of “Magic Flute”, and to the year that had just begun. Katharina and Valerie Beyerl, Lukas Kern, figure theater chairman Helmut Kern with Annemarie Kern, Victoria and Julia Beyerl, Sina Obereder, Markus Beyerl and Siegbert Kern also celebrated.

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The signs are good that the Perger Marionettes and the voices behind them will continue to be successful in the new year: A puppet theater version of the children’s opera “Hansel and Gretel” is already being worked on. With the “Sandman”, one of the dolls made for this purpose was allowed to take part in the New Year’s drive through Perg.



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