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Refugee emu fooled his rescuers in the Mühlviertel

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Frightened dogs fleeing from the loud New Year’s Eve firecrackers or frightened cats hiding in the most unusual hiding places before the fireworks – such reports are nothing unusual at the turn of the year. In the Mühlviertel, however, the animal rescue team recently launched a search operation that is not at all commonplace. Several Australian ratites were so panicked by the loud firecrackers in Alberndorf in the Riedmark (district of Urfahr area) on New Year’s Eve that they ran into the fence of their outdoor enclosure so often that it gave way.

20 kilometers through several towns

While the emu females were found a little later in a local garage and picked up by the owners, Hahn “Momo” embarked on a longer journey: in three days, she took the exotic animal over more than 20 kilometers through several towns to Prendt near Windhaag near Freistadt.

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A surprised family had already alerted the police on New Year’s Day because a large bird was sitting in their garden. But as soon as the emergency services were on site, the ratite fled again – a pattern that was to continue for several days.

Lured with feed bucket

As the Freistadt Animal Rescue announced on Facebook, several unsuccessful attempts had been made to capture the flightless bird at various locations in the Freistadt district over the past three days. Finally, on Wednesday, the rooster was lured with a feeding bucket and circled in a garden. Video footage shows how the bird is lured:

Caution was advised, because the animal rescuers had no experience with emu rescue operations. “We knew that they are fast, can kick their feet well and that their nails are good weapons. Not to mention the beak,” report the emergency services. In a joint effort, they managed to fix the bird on the ground and secure it with a net until the owners picked it up.

In the meantime, “Momo” has returned safely to his home. Incidentally, it is not the first time that an emu has made headlines in the Mühlviertel: It was not until June 2022 that a young bird escaped in Alberndorf and ran to Gallneukirchen, where the fire brigade and animal rescue team were able to catch it three days later.



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