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Boluarte called for peace

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From December 7They registered protests in Peru what they leave almost thirty deaths Y hundreds injured. In many cases the consequences are due to the repression of security forces to the demonstrations that demand, centrally, the resignation of Boluarte and a immediate call for new elections.

Resignation of the intelligence chief

These statements by Boluarte are known one day later of the resignation of the head of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINI)the Colonel Juan Carlos Liendo O’Connorafter the Chairwoman will be shown in disagreement with treating protests as “terrorist insurgency”.

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The O’Connor’s designation Last December had generated controversynot just because Boluarte had admitted not knowing who he was and what was his curriculum, but also because he celebrated the “efficiency” of the Army during the protests.

Between the reasons O’Connor cited in his resignation letter stand out “serious complications to fulfill the assigned functions according to law”.

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Hours earlier, during an interview with Radio Programas, o’connor stated that he would submit his resignation due to clear discrepancies with Boluarte and insisted that there were “terrorist organizations” behind the protestsalthough without identifying them.

In this sense, he remarked that, according to the definition of terrorism present in Peruvian legislation, “The actions that have been carried out in the demonstrations show acts of terrorism” and despite the fact that “legitimate demands” may exist there is “planning and objectives from clandestine organizations”.

O’Connor’s previous charges

Before being elected to chair the DINI, O’Connor worked in one of the previous versions of the agencythe National Intelligence Service between 1991 and 1998, when he was under the control of former president Alberto Fujimori and Vladimiro Montesinosnow prisoners for crimes against humanity and various crimes of drug trafficking and murder, respectively.

During those years O’Connor worked with Julio Salazar Monroe, former Minister of Defense with Fujimoriwho is currently serving a sentence of 35 years in prison by La Cantuta massacrein which nine students and a teacher were killed and then pass them off as terrorists.

Source: Ambito

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