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After the Corona baby boom, births in the Mühlviertel are slightly declining again

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After two years with a high level of births (almost 600 each), the number of newborns at the Rohrbach Clinic fell slightly in 2022. 565 babies, 271 girls and 294 boys, saw the light of day in the northernmost hospital in Upper Austria last year. “Meanwhile, the number of births has leveled off again at the level of the pre-Corona years,” says Primar Werner Hochmeir, head of the department of gynecology and obstetrics in Rohrbach. The number is also declining slightly at the Freistadt Clinic: a total of 446 babies were born there – 206 girls and 240 boys. In the previous year, 472 births were recorded in Freistadt.

4000 “Nine Babies”

In 2022, the aegis of Primar Peter Neuner, who had headed the obstetrics department in Freistadt since 2014, ended. Over 4,000 babies were born in Freistadt during this time – including his three grandchildren, whose births he attended himself. Neuner is continuing his medical practice in Freistadt. “We would like to thank Peter Neuner for his many years of service at the Freistadt Clinic and wish him all the best for all his projects and activities that lie ahead of him,” says Medical Director Norbert Fritsch.

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When it came to naming the girls, the parents in Freistadt most often chose Laura, followed by Emma and Leonie. Among the boys, Jonas is clearly number one in the Freistadt Clinic list, followed by Simon, Florian, Jakob and Lukas.

Leonie and Marie ex aequo led the name hit list at the Rohrbach Clinic for girls ahead of Anna, Emma, ​​Luisa, Sophie and Valentina (also ex aequo). The name Jakob was particularly popular with boys, followed by Jonas and Paul.

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Strong birth months were in both Mühlviertler hospitals September and August. In Rohrbach, for example, 75 births were recorded in September and 53 births in August. The stork gave the Rohrbach midwives a lot of work over four days, on each of which six babies saw the light of day. 46 children were born in Freistadt in August and September.

Personal care

The Mühlviertler regional hospitals attach particular importance to good care: “Every birth is a very personal and emotional experience. To ensure that the mothers and fathers are optimally cared for, obstetric teams consisting of midwives, gynaecologists, nurses and paediatricians work in a network. ” A birth preparation course never hurts: “Especially before the birth of their first child, parents have a lot of questions. In the courses we discuss the best preparation and how to get the new family off to a good start,” says midwife Kerstin Kraml from Rohrbach, for example.



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