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What singles miss the most

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Women tend to cope better with being alone than men. In a survey commissioned by Parship, 22 percent of the female singles surveyed stated that they lived without a partner out of conviction.

In the case of men, on the other hand, it is only seven percent who have no desire for a relationship at all. Only around 15 percent of Austrian singles say they are “completely happy”. The remaining 85 percent confirm that they miss something when they are single.

Cuddling, security, vacation together

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But what do singles miss the most? A good half of all singles in Upper Austria miss someone with whom they can cuddle – for example when watching TV on the couch or when falling asleep. 43 percent long to find security with someone.

In third place: Holidays together – 40 percent of Upper Austrian singles would like this. 39 percent of single Upper Austrians would like to have sex with a person they love. Just as many lack the feeling of being loved.

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Also, not having anyone to talk to in everyday life and generally the lack of physical contact are disadvantages in life without a partner. Financial matters or support with childcare, on the other hand, are not that important to singles in Upper Austria.

What singles in Upper Austria miss the most
Image: Parship

“Physical closeness, security and the feeling of being able to rely on someone are perceived as particularly important cornerstones when it comes to the desire for togetherness. Depending on age, there are different challenges that need to be mastered together. A harmonious balance between closeness, Togetherness and paying attention to one’s own needs are beneficial for the course of a relationship,” said Caroline Erb, a psychologist at Parship.

What singles value

However, being single also has its advantages: Single Upper Austrians value the most not having to justify anything, being able to dispose of money and free time and not having to argue about trifles.

57 percent of singles in the country above the Enns are happy that they can live out their idiosyncrasies and whims in peace, 51 percent are happy about the fact that they are not disturbed while sleeping, for example by someone who gives them the pulls the blanket away or snores. 49 percent see it as an advantage to be able to look the way they want at home. On the other hand, the possibility of having different sexual partners is negligible. Only 16 percent of single Upper Austrians see this as a plus.

What singles in Upper Austria especially appreciate
Image: Parship

Most singles live in Vienna

According to the survey commissioned by Paarship, two million single people live in Austria, which corresponds to around 30 percent of the population. Most singles live proportionally in Vienna and Vorarlberg (both 34 percent), the fewest in Upper Austria and Salzburg (both 27 percent). In Upper Austria there are 296,000 people without a permanent partner.

Every second single has been single for more than three years. With increasing age, the proportion of long-termsingles, among those over 60 it is more than three quarters (77 percent). Among the under-30s, 32 percent have never had a relationship, 18 percent have been for more than three years single36 percent between one and three years.

The population-representative survey was carried out by Marketagent.com on behalf of the dating app Parship.at. From November 29 to December 7, 2022, 1,500 web-active Austrians between the ages of 18 and 75 were surveyed, 452 of them who single are.

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