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Ukraine continues shelling despite Russian ceasefire

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However, an adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, Mikhailo Podoliak, He called the act hypocrisy: “Russia must leave the occupied territories, only then will there be a ‘temporary truce’. Save your hypocrisy”wrote in Twitter.

War in Ukraine pro-Russian separatists

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Pro-Russian separatists announced the holding of referendums on annexation to Russia.

Photo: AP

Despite ceasefire, kyiv continues shelling

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Ukraine performed three artillery shot attempts in the Donetsk area after the entry into force of the unilateral ceasefire declared by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the occasion of Orthodox Christmas.

The bombardments were carried out with 155-millimeter shells from NATO arsenalsspecified in Telegram the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, one of the Ukrainian territories illegally annexed by Russia.

Orthodox Christmas, the main reason why Putin stopped the attacks between this Friday and Saturday, is a peculiar religious holiday that differs in the date of celebration of the birth of Jesus by the Catholic Church. After the fall of the USSR, Christmas returned to life in the Orthodox way, which is usually celebrated from January 6 throughout Russia.

Source: Ambito

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