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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Kevin McCarthy wins the presidency of the United States Congress after 15 attempts

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Before giving in, hehe free cells of the republican side contributed some last notes of suspense, derailing McCarthy’s aspirations for the 14th time, who thought he had already won the vote. Immediately afterMcCarthy approached the group of rebel Trumpists and accusatory signals were exchanged with her finger, while the secretary of Congress asked for calm.

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McCarthy confirmed in a press conference on Saturday that former President Trump had been instrumental to “get the last few votes” needed for your election. All week long, this hard core of conservative representatives, who accused McCarthy of having joined the interests of the established power, took advantage of the tight Republican majority in the House achieved in the November midterm elections to block the appointment. They did not reduce the pressure until they obtained significant guarantees, among them the application of a procedure to facilitate the dismissal of the president of the Chamber.

US Congress.

US Congress.
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US Congress.

finally chosen, McCarthy replaces Democrat Nancy Pelosi in the position of the presidency of the Chamber, although He comes out weakened from this process which will probably entail a very difficult mandate. “We have to get America back on track,” McCarthy said. before taking the oath. The blockade orchestrated by this group of Trump supporters is “humiliating”, in the opinion of political scientist Larry Sabato, who believes that McCarthy is the weakest “speaker” ever elected since the Civil War.

On the menu for the coming months are the negotiations to raise the limit of the US public debt, the financing of the federal State and, probably, the release of additional aid for Ukraine. In the power of the Lower House, the Republicans promised to launch a series of investigations into Biden’s management of the pandemic or the withdrawal from Afghanistan. “It is time to exercise control over the president’s policy,” McCarthy stressed. from the hemicycle.

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No control of both camerasunlike what happened after his inauguration in 2021Biden cannot hope to pass big laws. But with the Senate in Democratic hands, neither are the Republicans. Facing a hostile but disorderly House could prove a political boon for Biden, if he confirms his intention to run for president again in 2024a decision he is expected to announce earlier this year.

Throughout this designation process, andBiden’s party denounced the dominance of Trumpists (many of whom still refuse to concede defeat in 2020) in the Republican Partytwo years after the assault on the Capitol that left five dead. “The chaos in the House of Representatives is just another example of how an extreme fringe… prevents from governing”said the Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. But without a majority in the House of Representatives since the November electionsthe democrats did not have support either to obtain the election of his candidate for “speaker”, Hakeem Jeffries.

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The process was endless at times., with marathon negotiation sessions in the halls of the Capitol and a horde of journalists capturing every statement of the wayward representatives. Without “speaker”, the third most important political figure in the United States after the president and vice president, lhe new legislators could not assume their positions and consequently neither vote on bills.

The anger was palpable among members of the “Grand Old Party,” as the Republican Party is called.who overwhelmingly supported McCarthy’s candidacy, which gave rise to heated debates. Many left the compound in protest at the speech by Matt Gaetz, one of the elected representatives leading the rebellion.

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