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Sunday, February 5, 2023

they fired the official responsible for security in Brasilia

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via Twitter, Hoffmann blamed the governor of the Federal District, Bolsonaro Ibaneis Rocha, responsible for the administration of Brasilia, for the attacks.


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“The DF government was irresponsible in the face of the invasion of Brasilia and the National Congress. It is a crime announced against democracy, against the will of the polls and for other interests. The Governor and his security secretary, Bolsonaro, are responsible for what they happens”, said the legislator.

Minutes later, while the incidents continued, Rocha made a publication on social networks in which he announced the dismissal of the Secretary of Security of the Federal District, Anderson Torreswho at this time is in the US, like Bolsonaro.

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“I determined the dismissal of the Secretary of Security of the DF, at the same time that I put all the security forces on the streets, with the determination to arrest and punish those responsible,” he said.

At the same time, he said that “I also requested support from the federal government and made the GDF available to them.”

federal intervention

Later, Lula Da Silva gave a press conference from Sao Paulo and announced the intervention by the national government of the Federal District. Immediately afterwards, she said that she would travel to Brasilia this Sunday to visit the attacked palaces.

Subsequently, the president, who took office just a week ago, said that all those responsible “will pay with the force of the law” and linked the attacks to people linked to “agribusiness” who want to “use the Amazon without respecting it.”

Source: Ambito

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