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For healthy gums: care and rinsing

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The gums are red, swollen, painful, burn and bleed. This is no joke, explains Carina Springer from the Losenstein pharmacy: “Inflammation of the gums can have a negative effect on the whole body – including problems with the cardiovascular system. Anyone who suffers from it for a longer period of time should therefore definitely go to the dentist.” According to the pharmacist, there are a few things you can do yourself before this health problem escalates:

  • rinses: The active ingredient chlorhexidine disinfects, but may be used for a maximum of two weeks. “Otherwise the teeth can become discolored,” says Springer. Milder conditioners can be used permanently.
  • Care: As a preventive measure and also in acute cases, brushing your teeth and cleaning the spaces between your teeth with dental floss are mandatory.
  • oral hygiene: You should have your teeth professionally cleaned at the dentist on a regular basis. Genetics can play a role in gum problems. Those who are biased should be even more specific.
  • Nutrition: The environment in the mouth not only affects the teeth, but also the gums. This is one of the reasons why it makes sense to eat healthy, high-fiber food. “You should reduce sugar in particular. It promotes tooth decay and is also the best breeding ground for bacteria to multiply in the mouth,” says the Upper Austrian pharmacist.

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