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Bolsonarists devastated Brasilia, but failed to provoke a military intervention

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The “federal intervention” decreed by the leftist president consists of the takeover of the command of security forces led by local authorities, close to Bolsonaro.


The decree placed the Brazilian security forces under the authority of a Lula-appointed official who reports directly to him, Ricardo García Capelli. It may resort to “any organ, civil or military” to guarantee order.

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“These people will be punished and we are going to find out who is financing these vandals who went to Brasilia. Everyone will pay with the force of the law for this irresponsible anti-democratic gesture,” declared the 77-year-old president from the city of Araraquara, a southeastern city devastated by floods at the end of 2022.

The authorities reported at the close of this edition of at least 170 arrests, produced after a police intervention with tear gas and roaring bombs. The device was massive and included, in addition to infantry, armored cars and even helicopters.

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The Argentine Government expressed its firm condemnation of what was internationally described as the attempt to precipitate a military coup based on the generation of a state of social unrest. The repudiation was unanimous throughout the world, starting with the region and continuing in the United States and the European Union.


Sensitized by a situation reminiscent of the one caused by Donald Trump a few days before his inauguration, Joe Biden considered what had happened “outrageous”.

His National Security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said his country “condemns any attempt to undermine democracy.”

In his speech, Lula pointed out that “these vandals, these fanatical fascists, have done what has never been done in the history of this country.”

The leftist leader narrowly defeated Bolsonaro in the second round on October 30, a result that the ultra-rightist never acknowledged and that, on the contrary, he attributed to alleged fraud. Since that day he has not stopped urging his sympathizers to avoid the installation of a “communist dictatorship.”

A video showed a policeman being pushed from his horse outside Congress and beaten by a crowd. While at least five reporters were also attacked, according to a union of journalists.

“This absurd attempt to impose a will through the use of force will not prevail,” warned the new Minister of Justice, Flavio Dino.

Source: Ambito

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