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They dismantled the Bolsonaro camp in front of the army in Brasilia and arrested 1,200 people

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President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva He decreed the federal intervention of the Security of Brasilia, at the head of which he appointed Capelli, a trusted man of the Minister of Justice, Flavio Dino.

Eviction of Bolsonaristas in Brasilia

According to Globo News, supporters of the former president were detained by the Federal Police and transferred to the headquarters of that agency in at least 40 buses. The order to evict and unlock Bolsonarista camps was ordered by the judge Alexander de Moraesof the SSupreme Federal Court (STF)which declared in its decision that “nothing justifies” the existence of concentrations full of “terrorists”.

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From the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva consider that this camp was an “incubator” of the acts of violence seen in the federal capital yesterday.

George Washington de Oliveiraaccused of planning a terrorist attack in Brasilia on Christmas Eve, attended the camp in front of the Army Headquarters, as well as many of the vandals who promoted riots in the National Congress, in the STF and in the Planalto Palace, seat of government.

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On the morning of this Monday, police forces from the Brazil they began to dismantle the camp of the ex-president’s militants Jair Bolsonaro located in front of the Army headquarters, in the capital Brasilia.

The federal controller of Brasilia, Ricardo Capelli, assured today that those settled in the tents in front of the Army “will not return anymore”, since the police will adopt measures to abort any attempt to regenerate those sources of violence in which there came to be more than 2.5 thousand people.

Capellí assured that the “law will be complied with” and those who have attempted against the rule of law through the commission of “terrorist” attacks or attempted “coup d’état” must be punished.

Around this camp there are dozens of trucks coming from various states with provisions for the “resistance” against the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Several of those heavy vehicles left the place before the arrival of the police forces.

brazil bolsonaristas detained eviction supreme court 2.jpg

could appreciate the exodus of people carrying tents and bagsseveral of them with yellow T-shirts and inscriptions in support of the far-right ex-president, as they left the place.

The STF minister also prohibited, and until the end of January, the entry of trucks or buses with protesters into the Federal District of Brazil and free all roads, state and federal public buildings throughout the country.

The decision of the highest court takes place after the invasion of thousands of Bolsonaristas to the buildings of the three powers of the State in Brasiliain an attempted coup against the government of Lula da Silva. The Brazilian president ordered the federal intervention of Brasilia.

The order of the Brazilian Court to the Army to evict Bolsonaristas

The magistrate Alexander de Moraes, a member of the Supreme Court of Brazil, thus stressed the importance of these camps, as the focus of the disturbances. Thus, he ordered the Army its complete dismantling and evictionin all the cities of the neighboring country.

In a new court order, moraes He stated that “nothing justifies the existence of terrorist camps, financed with the complacency of civil and military authorities in a totally subversive manner and without any respect for the Constitution.”

The magistrate thus pointed against the figure of former president Jair Bolsonarowho is still in the United States and has not publicly expressed any statement regarding the events of this Sunday.

moraes He also warned that the commanders and senior officials of the Armed Forces, the Police and the Ministry of Defense will be brought to justice if these camps continue to exist, as a resistance to authority and not obeying the orders of the Supreme Court.

He pointed out that the country’s main highways, partially occupied by the mob of followers, must be unblocked throughout the day, according to information from the G1 television network.

Source: Ambito

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