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ate at 18 fancy restaurants in less than a day

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World record

In detail, the man put together a list with the twelve food sites in which I wanted to eat in 2021. However, that idea led to trying a Guinness World Record that he discovered in a website specialized in food.

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“It combined my love of eating interesting food, working toward a checklist, and pushing myself to achieve something,” he said of the quip. Meanwhile, he contacted around 80 different restaurants of which only ten responded.

Months later, in 2022, he called other locals to try to break the international bar. Gathering enough slots, he contacted Guinness to have a special envoy oversee the process.

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On the other hand, Finkelstein holds two other world records: longest table tennis serve (15 meters) and the largest mosaic of table tennis balls.


Here are the most outstanding dishes he tried:

  • Grilled scallops garnished with grapefruit and chrysanthemum at Tuome
  • A bowl of cranberries for $5 at Aquavit
  • A steak tartare for $24 at Oiji Mi
  • Oysters for $26 at The Modern

how much money did you spend

As reported, the total spent was $500. Regarding what is consumed, estimated to have ingested more than 5,000 calories. “I got really full,” he said. In addition, he added that “definitely, by two-thirds of the time I started to get a little nervous about my appetite. The next day I ate almost nothing.”

Source: Ambito

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