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Sunday, February 5, 2023

“black construction” Wooden Peg Gallery: Was It Illegal?

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The farce about the wooden pegs along the Schönauerweg has been enriched by a chapter for a few days: The wooden pegs set up along the road section on the park side in 2020 were recently taken to the so-called “Blaas villa” removed again. The wooden pegs were set up illegally, says Rieder Deputy Mayor Peter Stummer (SPÖ).

“That was a solo effort by the then mayor Albert Ortig. We were all pretty angry”, confirms Deputy Mayor and Transport Committee Chairman Peter Stummer on OÖN request. Setting up the wooden pegs as a road boundary, which was controversial from the start, would have required a decision by the municipal council, according to Stummer. “As mayor, he could have made the decision on his own if the construction work had cost less than 14,000 euros. But the costs were higher, and so the pegs had been erected illegally, like a black construction, so to speak”says Mute.

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The wooden pegs were controversial and have now been removed.
Image: rokl

How high the actual costs for the construction of the pressure-impregnated wooden peg gallery were was announced by the city office when OÖN asked: “The total cost was 19,065 euros”, according to the city office. Half of the costs were for material and half for work with transport services. 220 of the approximately 600 running meters have now been removed again. “The material is reused”it goes on to say.

Still no parking

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The parking ban along the Schönauerweg – up to house 19, junction Hans Winter-Weg – will also apply and be controlled in the future, says Transport Committee Chairman Peter Stummer. The ban on stopping, however, should be lifted. From the junction, the wooden pegs will also remain in place, parking bays with a short-term parking zone regulation are to be set up.


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