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The first buildings in the lignite town of Lützerath are demolished

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A dpa reporter reported that two excavators were in use. An outer wall was removed in a short time. The energy company RWE had announced in the morning an “orderly dismantling” in the areas in Lützerath released by the police. The executive had previously continued the evacuation action that began on Wednesday.

Massive buildings, however, will probably not be affected by demolition work so quickly because there are still people there. Already on Wednesday, a first tree house was dismantled and trees felled. This work continued on the second day of the evacuation.

Picture gallery: Climate activists occupy the coal village of Lützerath – the police clear the area

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On Thursday morning, emergency services entered a homestead, as reported by a dpa reporter. They sawed a hole in a gate and gained access through it. A large yellow banner hangs on the farmstead with the inscription “1.5°C means: Lützerath stays!”. Some activists who were inside were taken away. A little later, the police drove a lifting platform to the courtyard of the homestead. “The eviction continues,” said a police spokesman.

Around the large-scale police operation, there were various reports on Thursday about the behavior of individual activists. According to the emergency services, a police officer was hit by a paint bag. The officer was not injured, a police spokesman said on Thursday. Firefighters were also thrown at firefighters. According to the spokesman, no one was hit or injured.

800 people at climate demo

In addition, several hundred people demonstrated on Thursday against the eviction of the lignite site. According to police estimates, around 800 people took part in the demonstration from the Erkelenz district of Keyenberg in the direction of Lützerath, which is about four kilometers away. The action was supported by several initiatives. Among the participants was the Fridays for Future activist Luisa Neubauer. She carried a sign that read “Climate protection is manual work”. Neubauer and several dozen other demo participants who were sitting blocking the way were then surrounded by police officers. “We want to stay here until we are carried away,” Neubauer told dpa.

Previously, it had remained largely quiet on the first night after the evacuation began. There were no special incidents, said a police spokesman in the morning. Once on Wednesday evening some firecrackers were thrown and fireworks rockets were ignited from an occupied building, nobody was injured, reported a dpa reporter. Meanwhile, not far away, the police took a group of climate activists off a warehouse roof. Elsewhere, police spent several hours overnight rescuing an activist from a wrecked car that had been set up to obstruct a path. The woman had entrenched herself in the wreck and cemented her feet in the path. She was retrieved early in the morning.

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Source: Nachrichten

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