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Sunday, January 29, 2023

New primary care center in Traun: “The response is very high”

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bouncer. Telephone operator. And of course a doctor. The roles and tasks that Johann Jagersberger, initiator and managing director of the primary care center (PVZ) Traun, had to fill in the past few days are diverse. “It’s exhausting, but nice,” said the general practitioner and emergency doctor at today’s press conference.

The way to the opening was a long one, so many an extra round had to be inserted – not least because of the Corona crisis. Jagersberger, who made his plans for the PVZ public at the end of 2019, was not discouraged. The PVZ has been open since January 9th. It is the ninth of its kind in all of Upper Austria

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Now it’s fixed: the medical team will move into the Traun district center

1014 calls in one afternoon

Not only is the number of activities large, but also those of the patients and those who want to become one. “To put it positively, the response is very high,” Jagersberger summed up the event. On Monday afternoon alone, the PVZ received 1014 calls, simply coming to the surgery without an appointment is not possible in Traun. Appointments are made by telephone and in the future also by e-mail. A certain contingent is reserved for acute cases – similar to dentists, for example. “There’s no other way with our size,” said Jagersberger. Three employees are currently only busy with telephone support and making appointments.

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Not all patients understand, the unwillingness is sometimes great, including screaming attacks. Two house bans had already been issued, reported Jagersberger. He did not hide the fact that a certain amount of patience is required when making appointments and that the lines are often busy. The many Linzers, especially from the south of Linz, have to be given a basket, they cannot be preferred to the people from Traun. Hopefully, the labor pains will soon be over once the patients have gotten used to this system, says Jagersberger. “We too must become faster and more efficient.”

Open 50 hours a week

The medical team consists of six general practitioners and two paediatricians. In addition to Jagersberger and his wife Anna, Karl Fiereder, Gerald Dürr, Eva Salner-Würtz, Lydia Obernosterer, Thomas Hofer and Katharina Hauer also ordain on the approximately 1300 square meters in the St. Dionysen district of Traun. They are supported by 39 employees for therapy, nursing and surgery assistance. Jagersberger announced today that he intends to give up his position as managing director in the medium term.

In the building complex in which the PVZ is located, there is also a pharmacy and a bandagist, among other things. In total, the PVZ has a total of 50 hours per week, it is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. From Monday to Thursday it is open until 7 p.m. Information at www.pvz-traun.at

On-site support

Health Minister Christine Haberlander (VP) addressed the many advantages that a PVZ brings with it – including the extended opening hours. With a view to the hospital sector in particular, it is important that the established sector works and that care is guaranteed in which people can be cared for and accompanied on site, she says.

Michael Pecherstorfer, Chairman of the Regional Offices Committee of the ÖGK Regional Office Upper Austria, emphasized that with PVZs, patients, from children to the elderly, could be cared for in a very regional and multidisciplinary manner. Prevention can take place under one roof just like special treatments, the “wrong paths” in the health system would be made easier, the paths altogether shorter.

“A Great Day for the City”

Peter Niedermoser, President of the Medical Association of Upper Austria, pointed out that Upper Austria is a model federal state in terms of primary care centers. These would be an important pillar of medical care in the state.

For the mayor of Traun, Karl-Heinz Koll (VP), today’s official opening day is a “great day for the city” and that medical care in Upper Austria’s fifth largest city is secured for the future.

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