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Sunday, January 29, 2023

They identify seven companies and 52 people and ask to freeze their assets for the attempted coup in Brazil

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The Brazil Agency also reported that “the freezing of assets” is for a total of 6,539,100 reais and that it is “an initial value, based on the preliminary estimate of material damages calculated only by the Senate (R$ 3.5 million) and by the Chamber of Deputies (R$ 3.03 million)”.

So far, Congress is the only one of the three powers to count the damage. They still have to do the same Planalto Palace and the headquarters of Federal Supreme Court (STF)heavily vandalized by Bolsonarista sympathizers.

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The demonstration of Bolsonaristas in Brasilia that culminated in the invasion of Congress, the Supreme Court and the Planalto Palace.

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“Among the assets subject to the AGU’s request are real estate, vehicles and amounts in checking accounts,” reported Agencia Brasil. In addition, he specified that the list was prepared with the support of the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT). Includes only those who hired the buses.

From the AGU they pointed out that “the agglomeration of people for non-peaceful purposes was only possible thanks to the financing and actions of the people listed” and added: “And in this regard, It should be noted that such people were fully aware that the movement could cause the event as we have seen, so civil liability is a measure that is imposed in solidarity with those who caused the most damage to citizens. property”.

The request for the blocking of accounts for said amount was submitted to the Federal Justice, while the list of the persons and companies indicated was published on the web.

From Human Rights Watch they stated that Lula “should respond to this unprecedented attack by strengthening democratic principles, defending the rule of law and confronting the chronic human rights problems that were aggravated during the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro.”

In addition, the NGO asked to investigate “thoroughly” those who “incited, financed or committed” the acts of violence.

The calls to punish the agitators come a day after a Bolsonaro call for a national protest in favor of “retaking power,” which prompted the government to tighten security, especially in Brasilia, where access to the main area of ​​buildings public was closed.

The demonstrations, scheduled for Wednesday, did not materialize and the center of Brazilian political power was opened to traffic on Thursday, although it was guarded by police and riot vehicles, while workers repaired the facade of the Supreme Court.

Almost 2,000 people were detained after the invasions and 1,159 are still being held after being interrogated, according to the latest official report.

Source: Ambito

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