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Bolsonaro’s bulky expenses with the presidential card

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A total of 27.6 million reais (about 5.4 million dollars at current exchange rates) were spent with that card, which was used by 21 members of his team.

If inflation adjustments are taken into account, the spending is almost half that made during Lula’s first term (2003-2007), although the leftist leader’s was mainly related to accommodation for trips abroad.

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But this is not the case of Bolsonaro, who did not make foreign relations a priority and who dDuring his tenure, he boasted on several occasions that he had not spent “not one penny” from the presidential credit card, unlike its predecessors.

Holidays, ice cream and bakeries

The UOL news portal, for example, discovered that 1.2 million reais (about $235,000) were spent in the 28 days of the official holidays of the former president at the end of the years 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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On January 2, 2022, a payment of more than 71,000 reais (almost 14,000 dollars) was made at a gas station in the state of Santa Catarina (south), where Bolsonaro caused a scandal by practicing jet-ski while terrible floods affected several regions of the country.

The presidential credit card was also used to pay 1.46 million reais (more than $280,000) over four years at a luxury hotel in Guarujá, a seaside resort near Sao Paulo (southeast). According to the website of the G1 news site, that hotel hosted members of the presidential team while Bolsonaro stayed at a military complex.

The largest expenditure on food is also the one that raises the most questions: 109,266 reais (about $21,400) spent at one time in a modest restaurant in Boa Vista, in the Amazonian state of Roraima (north). The amount is enough to order more than 2,000 times the most expensive dish in the place: roasted chicken with manioc flour (cassava), at the modest price of 50 reais (9.8 dollars).

The presidency’s credit card was also used to pay more than 362,000 reais ($71,000). for four years in a bakery in Rio de Janeiro.

The account includes 55,000 reais paid in one lump sum the day after the wedding of Eduardo, Bolsonaro’s third son, and 33,000 reais the eve of a motorcycle procession organized by supporters of the former president through the streets of the city. In total, 8,600 reais (almost 1,700 dollars) were spent in ice cream parlors, in 62 purchases in five establishments

Source: Ambito

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