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Another increase in breakdown assistance in the Salzkammergut

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The teams from the ÖAMTC Bad Ischl and Gmunden as well as from Mondsee and Vöcklabruck were in almost constant use last year and recorded an increase in both breakdown assistance and contacts directly at the bases compared to 2021: in the Gmunden district by four and in the district Vöcklabruck by 7.5 percentage points.

Whether it was an empty car battery, problems with the engine or locked doors – last year, the breakdown helpers from the ÖAMTC bases in Gmunden and Bad Ischl went out an average of 26 times a day. Michael Osterkorn, base manager in Gmunden: “Last year we were called to 9,421 breakdowns on the road, plus 1,961 towings. 11,414 larger and smaller breakdowns were repaired directly at the bases.” According to Osterkorn, a total of exactly 53,363 customer contacts were recorded, including testing services and consultations on all mobility-related topics.

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A third of all operations in 2022 were due to weak, empty or defective batteries. This was followed by engine management problems with 23 percent and tire problems with ten percent. On the other places of breakdown reasons: In seven percent there were complications with the alternator or the starter and in five percent accidentally locked vehicle doors had to be opened.

In Mondsee and Vöcklabruck, the average number of daily trips last year was 22. A total of 7989 times it was necessary to help out here, and there were also 3115 towings, as the Vöcklabruck base manager Paul Stadlbauer reports. The ÖAMTC was able to provide help and support directly at the bases in the Vöcklabruck district 8045 times. The total number of customer contacts here was 49,514.

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Source: Nachrichten

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