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Mühlviertel: ÖAMTC required 20 operations per day

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A busy year lies behind the “Yellow Angels” from the Mühlviertler ÖAMTC bases. “Last year we were called to 7,312 breakdowns on the road. That’s the equivalent of 20 missions a day. There were also 1,820 tows. 13,742 major and minor glitches were fixed directly at the bases. That is seven percent more than in the previous year,” says Freistadt base manager Christian Pirngruber. “Including testing services and consultations on all mobility-related topics, 72,848 customer contacts were recorded at the three Mühlviertler locations. That corresponds to an increase of almost six percent compared to the previous year.”

The most common causes of breakdowns

A third of all operations in the past calendar year were due to weak, empty or defective batteries. This was followed by engine management problems with 23 percent and tire problems with ten percent. On the other places of breakdown reasons: In seven percent there were complications with the alternator or the starter and in five percent accidentally locked vehicle doors had to be opened.

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If you compare the deployment numbers of the three bases in detail, the assistance is on a very similar level. 2883 mobile breakdown services in Perg are opposed to 2288 at the Rohrbach base and 2141 in Freistadt. In contrast, most of the stationary aids were in Rohrbach (4933) ahead of Freistadt (4710) and Perg (4099). The tow truck was again used most often in Perg (725 calls) ahead of Rohrbach (559) and Freistadt (536).

For the team at the Perg base, 2022 was also a special year for another reason: the location, which is in the immediate vicinity of the B3, celebrated its tenth birthday. The new service center went into operation in December 2012.

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Heinz Lindner, part of the Perger team since 1992 and base manager since 2004, was actively involved in the new building. He and his twelve employees, including two apprentices, all come from the region. They take care of the larger and smaller problems of the approximately 15,300 club members in the catchment area, which stretches from St. Nikola in the east via Königswiesen and Pregarten in the north to Langenstein and St. Georgen an der Gusen in the west.



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Source: Nachrichten

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