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Several broken bones in the baby: parents deny in court in Linz

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Mother and father now have to answer on suspicion of deliberately causing serious bodily harm. They are said to have broken the newborn’s bones several times. Both pleaded not guilty today and cannot explain the serious injuries.

injuries shortly after birth

Ten days after the birth on March 20, 2020, according to the indictment, the martyrdom of the son of an Austrian woman and her husband from Bangladesh is said to have begun. From April 13th to May 16th, the premature baby suffered a fracture of the right thigh, fractures of the growth plates on the upper arms, serial fractures of ribs and a skull fracture. The coroner called the only explanation for the serious injuries in the first trial “direct, massive violence”. The 27-year-old defendant and the 25-year-old defendant before the lay judges firmly denied intentionally causing serious bodily harm.

“I wouldn’t do that to my child”

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However, they could not give an answer to the question of how the infant got injured. “Nothing happened,” the woman assured. “I don’t know where the injuries come from, I can’t explain it myself.” She neither grabbed nor shook her son. However, since according to their own statements only they and the husband had taken care of their son, the only conclusion was that they were also responsible for the serious injuries, said the prosecutor. The 25-year-old husband also denies the allegations.

Expert sees excessive demands

However, the mother insisted that she and her husband “always took good care of the child”. However, they were not overwhelmed with everyday things, as stated in a report. However, they would have received support from a mobile children’s nurse, who claims not to have noticed anything about the martyrdom.

intention or not?

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The crucial question will be whether the injuries were intentional. On the other hand, the defense counsel blames the behavior of the accused. They themselves repeatedly sought advice from the nurse, documented the injuries and came to the hospital themselves. “For me someone who wants to hurt on purpose doesn’t do that,” said the defender.

A doctor at a Linz hospital reported suspected abuse to the police after the father came to the outpatient clinic on May 16, 2020 with a broken thigh. The baby was diagnosed with other injuries in varying stages of healing.

At the hour, the three witnesses are being questioned, the doctor, the children’s aid and the representative of the child and youth welfare service. In the afternoon it is the expert’s turn.


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