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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Single parent, patchwork, queer: What does it mean to be a feminist?

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Today, Wednesday, from 7.30 p.m., a panel discussion at the invitation of the Kulturschiff initiative in the Röda culture center in the Steyr Wehrgraben wants to draw attention to current developments in feminism: Between gender pay gap and committed transgender debates – what does it mean in today’s world being a feminist?

Traditional gender roles are still circulating, and women are ascribed caring and caring jobs. In social reality, however, things are different: single parents, blended families and queer relationships are widespread. How does today’s age cope with this? And what needs to change in the world of work?

First reading, then discussion

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The two authors Mareike Fallwickl and Lisa-Viktoria Niederberger, together with the actress Claudia Seigmann, try to focus attention on current feminist perspectives in this panel discussion. Susanne Pollinger moderates the evening at Röda.

Claudia Seigmann
Image: Elisa Unger
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To get in the mood for the panel discussion, the trio will present current works. Fallwickl reads from her disturbing and clairvoyant new novel “The Anger That Remains”. This is about the fates of three women: one very young, one aging and one who has simply withdrawn from what life demands of a mother.

Helene, mother of three children, gets up at dinner, goes to the balcony and, without saying a word, throws herself to her death. The shocked family suddenly lacks everything that has held them together: love, care, security. Helene’s best friend Sarah, whom she envied and felt sorry for at the same time because of her family, is drawn into the maelstrom of grief and chaos. Lola, Helene’s eldest daughter, searches for a way to manage her emotions and focuses on the emotion that is strongest: anger.

Seigmann presents the article she wrote for “Female Positions”, and Lisa-Viktoria Niederberger reads from “Wie wir sind”.

Single parent, patchwork, queer: And what does it mean to be a feminist?Single parent, patchwork, queer: And what does it mean to be a feminist?

Lisa Viktoria Niederberger
Image: Walter


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