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Murder trial for almost stabbed wife: “Couldn’t let him stab her”

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Witnesses spoke in the morning. You saved the woman’s life. “We couldn’t let him stab her,” said a woman who jumped at the defendant to disarm him.

The accused is said to have stabbed his wife several times in the neck with a carpet knife during an argument. The 41-year-old only survived thanks to a string of fortunate circumstances and a few courageous people who stepped in and put the attacker out of action at considerable risk: a woman jumped the man in the back, a cleric tried to get him to give up, the team An ambulance that happened to be passing by and passers-by with medical knowledge quickly provided first aid. The victim was covered in blood, when the seriously injured was treated in the ambulance, the alleged perpetrator was still screaming that she was a “bad woman,” said a witness.

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The prosecutor said the motive for the crime was jealousy because the woman had been in contact with other men via social media. The defender said that as far as the motive is concerned, one has to look at the cultural background. The defendant denies the intent to kill. He described himself as “very liberal”, but at the same time said that his wife was not allowed to have contact with strangers and had committed “high treason”.

According to Adelheid Kastner’s psychiatric report, the defendant is not mentally abnormal. In it she comes to the conclusion that the personality structure of the accused “is not yet to be classified as a higher degree of mental and spiritual abnormality”. He is accountable and culpable. There is no medical explanation for the memory gaps he claims, other than that he doesn’t want to remember. According to the expert, he respected the Austrian laws “to the outside world, but not within the family.” It can be assumed that he will continue this pattern in future relationships.

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He respects the “opinion” of the expert, but he represents a different one, “because I experienced the situation and come from a different culture,” said the accused. There is “a difference between our conditions and the conditions in Austria”. In the Arab world it is forbidden for a married woman to have contact with another man. And he couldn’t shake off “the culture that I’ve experienced in Austria in six years”. A discussion with the Chair about women’s rights then ensued. She finally wanted to know whether it was allowed in Syria to attack her with a knife if she didn’t keep the marriage contract. After a lengthy dispute, the accused sheepishly admitted that you weren’t allowed to hit your wife there either, but had to get a divorce if the relationship no longer worked. “That’s not such a big difference anyway,” the judge then said.

The closing speeches are still on the program in the afternoon. A judgment was expected in the evening.


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Source: Nachrichten

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