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Blackout prevention: training for emergencies

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The Red Cross Eferding has been working intensively on blackout prevention for weeks. During training and a tour of the factory at the starch producer Agrana, a Seveso 1 company, the district rescue commando devoted itself to the special dangers in industrial companies. Deployment plans were evaluated and the internal alarm and operational plans were rehearsed.

In the event of a blackout, the Red Cross Eferding sees itself well positioned and equipped to be able to ensure emergency operations for at least ten days and the rescue service. Around 100 Red Cross employees also attended a lecture by blackout and crisis prevention expert Herbert Saurugg. He recommends self-sufficiency with food and drinking water for at least 14 days. Saurugg emphasizes that the power outage is less of a problem for the population itself. “However, a subsequent collapse of the supply chain is much more to be expected. Because it will take weeks to months before all systems have started up again and technical defects and system malfunctions have been rectified,” says Saurugg. Even if the electricity is back, you still have to expect weeks of supply bottlenecks.

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Source: Nachrichten

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