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Safe on the slopes: This is how the ÖAMTC helmet test turned out

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Even the worst ski and snowboard helmet is better than no head protection on the slopes. This was the result of a test by the ÖAMTC and its partners, which was published on Thursday. The traffic club examined a total of ten models. “No model failed – and even the weakest candidate protects the head satisfactorily,” said ÖAMTC technician Steffan Kerbl.

Even with cheap helmets there is increased protection. In addition to the safety aspect, the models were also tested with regard to handling, comfort and pollution. Two of the ten ski and snowboard helmets, the Track Helm by Scott and the Blaster II Helmet by Sweet protection, achieved the grade “Good”. “Both are good all-rounders who don’t show any blatant weaknesses in any criterion,” said Kerbl. The Sweet Protection model missed the top mark because the plastic chin strap adjuster broke during the test.

Shock resistance expandable

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Overall, however, the accident protection is still expandable. “There was no ‘failure’ here, but only one of the ten models tested came from – the Compact ski helmet Head – in this important criterion beyond a ‘satisfactory’,” said Kerbl. The reason for the bad grades is primarily the shock absorption, which according to the ÖAMTC the manufacturers should pay more attention to. The shock resistance test was seven out of ten test candidates – with Exception of the Head model – mainly responsible for the grade “satisfactory” Otherwise there would have been more “good” grades.

  • The test result in detail

Tips for buying a helmet

The ÖAMTC emphasized the fact that none of the helmets were excessively contaminated with harmful substances. Kerbl recommends that alpinists try out helmets themselves before buying them and check them for fit and adjustment options. You should also take your ski goggles with you when you buy them to see if the goggles and helmet are compatible. If there has been a violent collision on the slope, the head protection should be replaced.

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