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The onset of winter in Austria led to several accidents

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The persistent snowfall led to numerous accidents, especially on Lower Austria’s roads. As reported, a woman came in in a head-on collision St. Georgen am Reith (Amstetten district) died. More than 90 accidents on snow-covered roads were reported from Bavaria on Saturday night, four people died. A first fatal accident occurred on Friday afternoon near Penzberg (Weilheim-Schongau district). According to the police, the car of an elderly couple collided head-on with a van. In a head-on collision in the district of Lindau (Lake Constance), two other people aged 38 and 40 died.

Four teenagers injured in Upper Austria

Several accidents also occurred in Upper Austria on Saturday in wintry road conditions. Two teenagers were injured in the Freistadt district. As reported by the police, a probationary driver’s license holder (17) had skidded her car around 2:20 p.m. on Böhmerwaldstraße (B38). The car then crashed into the embankment, overturned several times and rolled into an adjacent meadow. The young driver from the Urfahr area and her 15-year-old brother were taken to the Freistadt Clinic with injuries. The Waldburg fire brigade was on duty to recover the car and clean the street.

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An accident in Sipbachzell (Wels-Land district) claimed three injuries on Friday evening. An 18-year-old driver lost control of his car in a corner. This slipped onto the oncoming lane and collided head-on with the oncoming vehicle, driven by a 46-year-old woman from Wels. The Red Cross took both drivers and the 16-year-old passenger to the hospital.

Clearance vehicle recovered

The fire brigades in the Gmunden district reported on further operations. In the Goiserer village of Wildpfad, a driver wanted to drive down a steep section in the morning hours. The car slipped off the road and got stuck in an embankment that was in danger of falling. The driver was not injured and was able to get out himself. The emergency services arrived with a recovery crane, which they used to lift the car back onto the road.

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The snow was even fatal to a winter service vehicle on Saturday morning. As the Laakirchen fire brigade announced in a broadcast, the truck had slipped off the road in Humpling.

A clearing vehicle came off the path in Laakirchen.
Image: FF Laakirchen

This is what the weather will be like

In the night to Sunday, the snowfall in Upper Austria should weaken or subside completely, even on Sunday it should snow only occasionally. The sun is unlikely to come out, most likely in the Mühlviertel and in the east of the country. Clouds will predominate on Monday as well. However, it will remain largely dry, only in the evening light snowfall can spread from the south. From today’s perspective, the cloudy weather will continue until the middle of the week, and snowfall is not expected at the moment.

  • Current measured values, regional forecasts and webcams can be found at nachrichten.at/wetter.

22-year-old buried by avalanche

A 22-year-old Carinthian was buried by an avalanche on the Turracherhöhe on Saturday afternoon, dug up a little later and rescued. The avalanche was apparently started off-piste by a group of six. The man from Feldkirchen was completely buried. The mountain rescue discovered him at a depth of almost one and a half meters, dug him up and resuscitated him.

The group of six young Carinthians had probably started the slab of snow around 12.30 p.m. in the Kornock area in the Styrian-Carinthian border area. While the 22-year-old disappeared completely under the masses of snow, another was only partially buried. Lift personnel from the nearby slope and mountain rescuers found the completely buried winter sports enthusiast within 20 minutes. After resuscitation, he was flown to the Klagenfurt Clinic by the crew of the RK 1 rescue helicopter. There was initially no information about the state of health of the 22-year-old.

There is currently avalanche warning level 3 in the area, and the conditions off the piste are dangerous, said Robert Schleiner, operations manager of the Radenthein mountain rescue service, the ORF Carinthia. There was extreme wind during the night and also during the day on Saturday. There are therefore signs everywhere about the danger of avalanches and that you should not leave the slopes. The group of six from Carinthia nevertheless drove into the open terrain.

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Source: Nachrichten

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