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Tragic death: Snow chaos disabled lifeguards

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In the Polish village of Wawrzka, south-east of Kraków, a 70-year-old woman in need of care died after the power supply failed and her oxygen machine failed. Relatives had alerted the rescue and fire brigade, but the fire engine, which was supposed to bring her an oxygen bottle as a replacement, crashed on the way in the snow flurry, as the PAP news agency reported on Saturday.

In the Czech municipality of Hertvikovice, a motorist was killed by a tree on Saturday, according to the CTK news agency, who fell on the moving car. CTK also reported a fatal traffic accident related to the weather in Prague. According to PAP reports, more than a hundred thousand households in Poland were temporarily without electricity. In most cases, trees that had fallen on power lines were the cause. In Slovakia, too, the power supply to thousands of households failed due to the weather and the police reported numerous weather-related traffic accidents.

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The onset of winter in Austria led to several accidents

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Winter is here – and with it numerous accident reports. Fatal traffic accidents occurred in the district of Amstetten and in Bavaria, and also …

The onset of winter in Austria led to several accidents

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Source: Nachrichten

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