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Valuable gift to the Kammerhofmuseum Gmunden

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Brigitte Weber from Vöcklabruck gave the Gmundner Kammerhof Museum a treasure from the city’s history: a watercolor with a “View of the Camerhof in Gmunden” from 1831, painted by Josef Galnbruner. It is the oldest known color depiction of the Kammerhof.

In the watercolor you can still see the original K-Hof building, because the right part covered in red was sanded down during the construction of the second Trauntor in the early 1960s. On the right (in blue-grey) this no longer existing part is a structure of the former Traun bridge building (which has also not existed since the opening of the iron KFJ bridge in 1908). A Kobelzille is passing by here or is docking.

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In front of the K-Hof building, a garden with trees stretched across today’s museum square, which was reinforced with a massive wall facing the lake, which could only be escaped through a gate towards the lake, because the path to today’s swan parking lot was blocked with a wooden wall. Behind it, the main building has apparently survived surprisingly unchanged thanks to the monument protection. Only in front of the first floor (former Kammerhofsaal, today special exhibitions) there was a small porch supported by columns and protected by a flying roof and on the facade on the 3rd floor (today’s Kammerhof Gallery) there was a large double-headed eagle.

The left background only partially shows the entrance to the town hall square. The mountain in the background does not correspond to the real topography. The artist Galnbruner may only have been interested in the Kammerhof.

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