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Two stylists from Linz at the Fashion Week in Berlin

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The stylists from Linz hairdresser Bachmayr-Spernbauer were part of the international “La Biosthetique” team at the German fashion week. For two days, they applied make-up and haircuts to models every half hour – exactly according to the instructions. “Anything the designers want, they get,” says Tetyana Aleks.

Naturalness is currently very much in demand when it comes to make-up, but she likes it with a striking detail – a slanted eyeliner, for example, according to the Ukrainian, who has lived in Upper Austria for 17 years. The 39-year-old has been there five times, for colleague Silvi it ​​was a premiere.

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“It was a dream come true for me. It was incredibly cool to be able to look behind the scenes at a fashion week. We noticed a lot, all the rehearsals for example,” says the 20-year-old, whose parents came to Austria from Kosovo before she was born.

The stylists noticed, for example, that the hair was often combed back or gelled back. “That will definitely happen to us too. I’m sure of that,” says Silvi Hondozi.

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Silvi Hondozi with a model “without eyebrows”
Image: private

In the future, eyebrows will no longer be as decisive as they were in previous years. “We often had to brush them off. A lot of models even came with bleached brows.”

The emphasis on freckles is still a big beauty topic. “It will probably become even more modern.” The skin itself should also shine. “A designer wanted the model to look like she just got out of the gym. We oiled the face so much that everything dripped. That was weird,” says Tetyana Aleks.

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