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Who is Janja, Lula’s wife who seeks to change the role of the First Lady

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Janja, the First Lady of Brazil

Janja is 56 years old and is a sociologistmilitant of Workers Party (PT)space where she began to have contact with who would later be her husband. Rosangela “Janja” da Silva was born in the city of Uniao da Vitoria, state of Paraná, in southern Brazil.

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He studied sociology at the Federal University of Parana and worked for almost twenty years for the Itaipu Binacional energy company in Curitiba, the capital of that state.

Affiliated since 1983 with the Workers’ Party (PT) co-founded by Luladefines herself as a true “petista with a card”.

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It should be remembered that she is the third woman of Lula. The first one he married was in 1969, with Maria de Lourdes da Silva, who died two years later from hepatitis. In 1974 she married Marisa Leticiawho died in 2017 from a stroke, with whom she had four children.

Lula met her in person in the mid-1990s., when she was a recent graduate in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Paraná, and he had already run for president and was traveling around Brazil to learn about the reality of the country. The age difference did not prevent the couple from carrying on, despite the 21-year difference (Lula is 77 and Janja is 56).

Militancy and role of Janja in the new Lula government

Janja’s ties to the PT date back to 1980, when he began his life as a political activist. His most prominent role, the one that gave him public significance, was during the time that Lula spent in prison convicted in the Lava Jato case.

that was where the current First Lady of Brazil, began to generate the participation of artists and cultural references for campaign jingles and meetings with Lulaso his task on the way to the Planalto was important.

There he tested all his knowledge about the updated public agenda, generating links and expanding the participation base of the PTespecially with black, feminist and LGBTQIA+ militancy.

As he has stated in various interviews, his goal is to “resignify the role of the first lady”, something that he amply demonstrated during the 2022 campaign. janja influenced the president’s decisions about the Ministry of Culture.

It was she who suggested the name of Margareth Menezes to head the portfolio, after rapper Emicida and actress Marieta Severo declined the invitation.

Since Lula’s relationship with the sociologist was made public in 2019, the level of closeness of the couple has become evident and to what extent the presence of Janja it has become a central factor in the life of the PT, where it gained prominence, at the same time that it was Lula’s spiritual support.

Source: Ambito

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