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“We want to make people aware that it is important to keep the environment clean”

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GALLNEUKIRCHEN. Cardboard boxes, fast-food boxes or cans: once a year, around 80 pupils from the Gallneukirchen middle school set out to clear the area of ​​rubbish.

The garbage collection campaign takes place as part of Upper Austria’s “Hui instead of Pfui” campaign. State Waste Management Association. Garbage bags and gloves come from the municipality, the motivation from the school. “We want to raise awareness that it is important to keep the environment clean,” says director Margit Leitenbauer. The children are out and about in the area for two teaching units and collect what is actually not meant for anything there. The activity is then discussed in class. “The students like doing it,” says Leitenbauer about the project, which has been around for more than ten years. It is therefore not surprising that waste separation is also valued elsewhere in the school.

Designated “Climate School”

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In general, sustainability plays an important role in the MS Gallneukirchen. This is already indicated by the photovoltaic system on the roof. “Climate protection is taken very seriously by some of the teachers,” confirms Leitenbauer. The MS Gallneukirchen is one of currently 485 designated “climate schools”. Climate protection is a fixed part of the lesson. There are exhibitions and workshops on the subject. In the “climate puzzle” the students work out problem areas that climate change brings with it. In the “Climate Challenge” they collect countless photos and contributions from climate-conscious actions, and in the interactive tour they become climate experts.

A highlight of the year is the visit of a beekeeper to the school. The children get to know the work of a beekeeper and increase their awareness of the importance of bees for the ecosystem and people.

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The students also deal with the topic of waste avoidance. Last year, the fourth graders visited the Revital shop in Gallneukirchen. “It was very interesting to see what you can do with things that you would otherwise throw away,” says director Leitenbauer. During the “Sustainability Week” the students organized a swap market where they could bring books or games that they no longer needed and exchange them for others.

In order to honor similarly exemplary projects, the OÖN have announced the Feronia sustainability prize. The submission deadline is February 4th. (cdi)


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