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Where the climate activists are stuck on February 13th

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The week of action in January, during which there were 15 blockades in Vienna, shouldn’t stop there: On Monday, February 13, the “Last Generation” wants to cause traffic disruptions in the federal capital again. You will start where you last left off, at the Naschmarkt in Vienna.

The wave of protests should last two weeks longer than before. Since the campaign in January, there have been around 300 requests to participate, says activist Florian Wagner. “We will come with more people than before and we will disrupt accordingly more because it seems necessary to remind the government of its own program,” says Krumpeck. The government has “no plan” on how to meet its own climate targets (climate neutrality by 2040) and refuses to implement simple measures – such as a speed limit of 100 km/h on motorways.

Traffic disruptions have “proven”

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The “Last Generation” has been active since February 2022. According to their own statements, 16 blockades and 6 creative actions were carried out by October, for example in front of the Federal Chancellery. In November there were actions in Graz, Linz and Innsbruck. An action in the Leopold Museum, where “fake oil” was poured onto the glass pane of a Klimt painting, caused a particular stir.

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Record after climate blockades: 52 arrests, 200 reports

VIENNA. 52 arrests have been made in Vienna over the past few days as a result of traffic disruption actions by activists of the “last generation”.

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Record after climate blockades: 52 arrests, 200 reports

However, traffic blockades have proven to be particularly useful, as they are easy to implement and difficult to prevent. There are currently ongoing action training courses to prepare those interested for protest actions. This should also ensure that the actions are as safe as possible and, for example, that a lane can be opened in an emergency. “We want to disrupt everyday life, but not people in need,” says Krumpeck.

The activist was already serving a twelve-day replacement prison sentence and also discussed the federal government’s climate policy with State Secretary for Youth Claudia Plakolm (VP).

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