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Dollar today: how much it operates this Friday, August 19

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The central bank bought today close to $20 million in the foreign exchange market and accumulates almost $140 million in the last six wheels, all positive.

The monetary entity thus chained its sixth day without net sales, after a long streak with negative daily balancesproduct of the important demand for energy, and a slowdown in the liquidation of the agro-export complex.

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The second fortnight of August shows a slight recovery in reserves after a start of the month with sharp falls that heralded a larger negative result than that of last July. The slow but perceptible improvement in the income of exporters together with the maintenance of restrictions to access the foreign exchange market combine to present a picture that is further removed from the tension reflected in the beginning of August“, he analyzed Gustavo Quintanaoperator of PR Corredores de Cambio.

It should be remembered that on Wednesday, taking advantage of a greater liquidation of agriculture, the BCRA made its largest daily purchase of dollars since the end of June, ending operations with a positive balance of some US$80 million, which brings some fresh oxygen to its few reserves. For its part, the demand for energy was US$80 million.

Savings dollar price, Thursday, August 18

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The savings dollar or solidarity dollar-which includes 30% of the PAÍS tax and the deductible 35% of Income Tax and Personal Assets- fell 21 cents or 0.09% to $234.94.

Price of the tourist dollar, Thursday August 18

The tourist dollar or card -retailer plus COUNTRY Tax, and a perception of 45% deductible from Income Tax and Personal Assets- fell 23 cents or 0.09% at $249.18.

Wholesale dollar price, Thursday, August 18

The wholesale dollar directly regulated by the BCRA, it appreciated 27 cents to $135.80.

Price of the CCL dollar, Thursday, August 18

The dollar “counted with liquid” (CCL) -operated with the Global 2030- rises 4.3% at $296.28, therefore, the spread with the wholesale rate is around 118.2%.

Price of the MEP dollar, Thursday, August 18

The MEP dollar -also valued with the Global 2030- rises 1.7% to $286.29, so the gap compared to the official exchange rate reaches 110.8%.

Blue dollar price, Thursday, August 18

The blue dollar gains $1 and trades at $293according to a field survey in the Black Market of Currencies. Thus, the gap with the official dollar it stands at 115.8%.

Crypto dollar price, Thursday, August 18

The crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar amounts to $289.71, based on the average among local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

Source: Ambito

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