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Dollar today: how much is it trading for this Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Hand in hand with the soybean dollar, the BCRA achieved a record in the accumulation of reserves in a month in which the liquidation of agriculture tends to decrease due to seasonal patterns. Through this mechanism, close to US$7.7 billion were settled -with a peak on the last day of validity-, with a BCRA acquiring almost US$5.000 million in the month -64% of the total-, accounting for of a private lawsuit that continues to press,” analyzed santiago manukianEcolatina economist.

“Thus, the BCRA’s buying streak totals 19 rounds, in which it purchased an average of US$262 million per day. In this way, by dint of buying high and selling low -dollars were paid at an implicit exchange rate of $230-, the net purchases of the BCRA in September set a record for the historical series that begins in 2003“, he highlighted.

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In this framework, the dollar today -without taxes- rose 35 cents to $154.25 for saleaccording to the average that emerges from the banks of the local financial system. Thus, in the week the dollar today gained $2.01 and in the month $8.48 or 5.8%. At Banco Nación, meanwhile, the retail ticket gained 25 cents to $153.25 – without taxes.

In the parallel market, for its part, the blue dollar traded stable at $288, after dropping $2 on Thursday, according to a survey by Ambit in caves of the city of Buenos Aires. In the week the informal currency gained $1 but in the month it fell $2.

Savings dollar price, Friday, September 30

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The dollar I save or solidarity dollar-which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax and 35% deductible of the Income Tax and of Personal propertyit rose 58 cents to $254.51. In the week it advanced 58 cents and in September it accumulated an increase of $13.99.

Price of the tourist dollar, Friday, September 30

The tourist dollar or retail card plus COUNTRY Tax, and a perception of 45% deductible from the Income Tax and of Personal propertyincreased 61 cents to $269.94. During the week, it had an increase of 61 cents and in September it grew by $14.84.

Wholesale dollar price, Friday, September 30

The wholesale dollar, directly regulated by the BCRA, rose 25 cents to $147.32. Meanwhile, during the week it rose $1.88, below the $1.92 increase registered during the five previous sessions. While in September the currency gained $8.59 or 6.2%.

While, the volume operated in the cash segment reached US$1,188.47 million.

Dollar exchange rate CCLFriday September 30

The Dollar Cash with Settlement (CCL)-operated with the Global 2030- bounced $4.71 or 1.5% to $308.96. The gap with the wholesale official exchange rate thus stood at 109.7%. This week it had a decrease of $12.2 or 3.8%, but in September it grew $16.13 or 5.5%.

MEP dollar pricefriday 30 of September

The MEP dollar -valued with Global 2030- it rose $6.65, or 2.2%, to $302.48. In this way, the spread with the officer reached 105.3%. During the week it advanced 66 cents or 0.2% and in September it accumulated an increase of $19.40 or 6.9%.

Blue dollar price, Friday, September 30

The blue dollar was stable at $288according to a field survey in the Black Market of Currencies. Meanwhile, the gap with the official dollar was located at 95.5%. During the week it advanced $1 or 0.4% and in September it dropped $2 or 0.7%.

Crypto dollar price, Friday, September 30

The crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar yields 0.2% to $300.93, based on the average among local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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Source: Ambito

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