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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Quota open to buy November savings dollar

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In the ninth month of the year, banks sold $191 million for hoarding, down 24% from $251 million in August.

One million individuals bought tickets at the savings dollar price, an average of US$186 per capita, during September. A marked decrease from the 1.3 million who did so the previous month.

Dollar savings: how much is quoted

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The savings dollar is the cheapest on the market, trading today at a price of $270.42 with the tax surcharge according to the main commercial banks in the country.

the so-called savings dollar, is the official dollar price, plus the sum of 30% in concept of PAIS tax and 35% in concept of tax advance. Hence, to the sum of the $163.89 quoted by the dollar, a final cost of $270.42 is paid by adding the 65% mentioned above.

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Taxpayers can then recover the 35% perception component, either by calculating it against taxes, such as Earnings or Personal Assets, or if the taxpayer does not pay any of these taxes, through an account recovery mechanism, to be processed next year.

Even so, the savings dollar continues to be lower than the rest of the legal dollar quotes available to the public, such as the MEP dollar or the cash dollar with liquidation, which must be accessed through stock market operations.

These prices are in the order of $307 per dollar counted with liquidation, and $293 per MEP. Regarding the dollar bluethere is also a considerable saving, since it is listed at $290.

Other issues to take into account when buying dollars for holding is the consumption with credit cards of dollarized goods and services or purchases that may have been made in Travel abroadsince they take away the quota of US$200.

It is very common to try to buy the full US$200 and for the bank portals to reject the operation for not having a quota, forgetting some expenses that are dollarized that we incur, such as the membership of Spotify, Netflix or other similar services.

It is worth clarifying that for purchases abroad (excluding platforms), known as qatar dollaris listed at $327.78, the most expensive on the market.

Who cannot access the savings dollar?

According to current regulations, they cannot access the savings dollar the following people:

  • Those who bought MEP or CCL dollars in the last 90 days.
  • Those who received wages through Assistance to Production and Work (ATP).
  • Beneficiaries of social plans, including the Universal Child Allowance.
  • Monotax taxpayers who have requested credits at a subsidized rate, nor owners of SMEs who have received credits with subsidized rates at 24%
  • Co-owners of bank accounts
  • Those who spent the U$S 200 quota with a card, both in purchases abroad and services such as Netflix or Spotify in dollars
  • Those who have 12-month payment plans for credit card refinancing
  • Those who refinanced personal, pledge or mortgage loans with banks
  • The people who received the Income Reinforcement.
  • Those who requested to maintain the subsidy for electricity, water and gas,
  • People without declared or consistent income, so it includes both people who do not have a job or work informally/in the black.
  • UVA credit holders who benefited from the rate freeze during the pandemic.
  • People who have operated Argentine Deposit certificates, better known as cedars, cryptocurrencies or negotiable obligations in the last 90 days. In case of accessing the savings dollar, access to said assets is prevented for 90 days after the last purchase of the savings dollar

How can I verify if I am eligible to purchase savings dollars?

To access the purchase of the savings dollar, authorization can be verified through the ANSES Negative Certification, proof that it is valid for 30 days and can be consulted at the following link: https://www.anses.gob. ar/consultation/negative-certification

Source: Ambito

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