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Blue dollar today: how much is it trading for this Friday, November 11, 2022

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What can happen to the blue dollar

Christian Buteler, a financial analyst, in a dialogue with Ámbito, said that “the trend is upward. This stability that we are seeing is very difficult to sustain with inflation. With prices rising between 6 and 7% per month, plus the issuance and the stocks, the trend is clearly bullish. It may have a more or less strong but bullish speed”. “We should hit $300 before the end of the year without a doubt”he warned.

For his part, the economist Federico Glustein, expanded that “apparently since that rise towards the end of September, the blue dollar remained below $295without tensions from macro policies, new prices promoted so as not to devalue, stocks or exchange restrictions or inflation close to 100%”.

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In this regard, he indicated that “it is to be expected that the demand for blue will grow in the short term due to several factors: end-of-year bonuses and/or Christmas bonuses, outbound tourism and dollarization of portfoliosalthough this effect could occur closer to the end of the month, already with these variables in action, placing it initially above $295 to break above $300, around December“.

Price of the blue dollar in the year

so far this year, The informal dollar advances $84 after closing 2021 at $208.

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During the past year, the Dolar blue registered an increase of 25.3% ($42), half of the inflation rate for the period (50.9%). However, it is worth remembering that in 2020 it had shown a sharp jump of 111% (compared to 36% inflation).

It should be remembered that the informal dollar fell in September and accumulated two consecutive months in decline, registering a decrease of $2 (-0.7%), after giving up $6 (-2%) in August.

In the seventh month of the year, the The parallel dollar had climbed $58 (+24.4%), which represents its highest monthly advance in the year so far.

Previously, it had increased $31 (+15%) in June, after rising $6.50 (3.2%) in May.

The parallel dollar rose 50 cents in April, and lost $11 in March, its worst performance in 14 months. Last February, it fell $6.50 (-3%), after rising $5 or 2.4% in January.

What is the blue dollar?

The value of Dolar blue It has a substantial difference with the official dollar, which is acquired in banks and has an established price. Its sale is in the informal market, without regulations or limits, and for this reason it is generally operated at a value greater than the official dollar.

Why is it called the blue dollar?

It is not clear the origin of Dolar blue as a name for ticket operation in the informal market. But there are theories.

An explanation of its name indicates that it is so called because in English, “blue”, in addition to naming the color blue, refers to something “dark”.

Another theory relates it to purchase operations through bonds or shares of companies known as “blue chips”. They also link it to the approximate color that appears when a fibron is applied to detect counterfeit bills.

Savings dollar quote, Thursday, November 10

The dollar I save or solidarity dollar-which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax and 35% deductible from Income Tax and Personal Assets- it rose 61 cents to $276.38.

Price of the tourist dollar, Thursday, November 10

The tourist dollar or card -retailer plus COUNTRY Tax, and a 45% deductible perception of Income Tax and Personal Assets for consumption with cards abroad of up to US$300 per month- increased 65 cents to $293.13.

Quotation of the Qatari dollar, Thursday, November 10

The new qatar dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax, 45% deductible from Income Tax and Personal Assets, and a new perception of 25% on account of Personal Assets- it rose 74 cents to $335.

It is worth noting that this exchange rate applies to Consumption abroad with debit and credit cards greater than US$300 per month.

Wholesale dollar price, Thursday, November 10

The wholesale dollar, directly regulated by the BCRA, it rose 37 cents to $160.39. The volume operated in the cash segment was US$331,182 million.

More news about the Blue Dollar and the Dollar

Source: Ambito

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