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LABITCONF 2022: what the most important crypto conference left us in the midst of the FTX crisis

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The message of the CEO of Ethereum

The day began with the most anticipated referent, Vitalik Buterin. The Ethereum creator shared his feelings about MERGE, the biggest Ethereum update so far. “It worked perfectly during the process without affecting users who now have to wait less and less to send a transaction” he said, adding that “the chain has become more stable and more secure. On the user side it doesn’t feel like there are new features,” Vitalik explained.

Regarding the volatility in the value of the cryptocurrency, Buterín commented that: “There is much talk about the fragility of the system but in reality it is something that benefits it. When there is something crazy there is always activity in the chain and prices rise even though it was not something than we expected. Changes in the market have different consequences”

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And I add: “The big message is not whether crypto succeeds or fails, but what part of crypto succeeds and what part fails. Sometimes it seems that more regulation is better, but you have to see what kind of regulation is necessary and what crypto project it is. Networks didn’t fail, Bitcoin didn’t fail, Ethereum didn’t fail. The platforms did not fail.”

Before ending his presentation, he pointed out: “Ethereum is a community that is growing rapidly. It supports more advanced applications. Decentralization was what we wanted and it is very significant”

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Another benchmark in the sector, Gloria Zaho, the first woman to play the role of maintainer of the Bitcoin code, spoke about the innovation of the protocol and the inefficiencies to avoid in transactions and remarked that “improvements in the p2p protocol help to achieve transactions more robust”.

The future of bitcoin

For his part, elizabeth stark The co-founder and CEO of Lightning, one of the most innovative companies in the Bitcoin universe, reflected on what happened in the ecosystem over the past week and stated that “It’s been a tough week, a lot of people were affected and it’s a great reason to know that Bitcoin is different. As Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, said, the current financial system is not sustainable.

“We know that Bitcoin is decentralized and it is going to continue to work. In the case of FTX many trusted and it is necessary to verify. Bitcoin is all about questioning the traditional system and not repeating the same mistakes,” adding: “I am very excited about the community adoption of Bitcoin around the world, the use of e-cash and circular economies. We’re going to see a lot more of this in the years to come.”

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The outlook for the coming years

Another of the most anticipated panels of the second day was the one with the participation of the main exchanges in the region. Mario Iemma from Bitget, Julián Colombo, CEO Argentina of BITSO, Pablo Magro from OKX and Maximiliano Hinz from BINANCE, addressed the main topics of the sector and commented on the companies’ plans for the coming year. The executives agreed that transparency, security and education are central axes to generate user trust.

The future of comics was also present on the main stage of LABITCONF by the undisputed leader of the industry, Gareb Shamus, creator of Comic Con, who visited Argentina for the first time to tell his vision about the disruptive potential of NFTs. the Web3 and the Blockchain.

“Superheroes make people feel good, make them believe in something. Spiderman has always been my favourite. When I found out about NFT’s and web3, at first I realized that it was content and community, the same thing we did with Comics when we started. For us, coming from that world, the most important thing is the hero’s journey, the story. In that, Web3 is going a long way and that is where we are working with our new company. For me superheroes are the future of web3”.

Source: Ambito

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