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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

S&P Merval scores its second rise in a row with its sights set on foreign markets

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Growing doubts about the future of the Argentine economy weigh on investor sentiment, although they find a subtle way to protect themselves against high inflation in the market, commented operators.

The largest volume traded in equities has been taken by Cedears for a while, papers of foreign companies that operate the local stock market. “The Cedears are a boom in Argentina. Currently, in a wheel, they operate twice the volume of local shares”, commented Ariel Manito from Portfolio Personal Inversiones (PPI). “And there is a very wide range to choose from, with a variety of industry and services, that is much broader and perhaps even attractive than that of local stocks,” he pointed.

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In another order, the president of the Federal Reserve of the United States, James Bullard, said Thursday that interest rates would have to rise to between 5% and 5.25% to be “restrictive enough” to curb inflation. The market expects a half point rise.

On Wall Street, the Shares of Argentine companies operate with a majority of losses that reach up to 2.9%. They are headed by the papers of Edenor (-2.9%); Tenaris (-2%) and Despegar (-1.7%).

Bonds and country risk

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In fixed income, sovereign bonds in dollars operate with the majority of falls. They are headed by Global 2029 (-3.1%); Bonar 2041 (-1.9%) and Bonar 2030 (-0.9%). Among the few increases, that of Global 2038 stands out, with a rise of 3.4%.

Meanwhile, the country risk measured by banks JP Morgan advances 1.6% or 37 units to 2,383 points.

Source: Ambito

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