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Crypto prepaid cards: which ones offer the best cashback

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let’s start with beautiful. This exchange offers a MasterCard card physical or virtual. Incentives include refunds between 2% to 21% of the total value of the purchase. What percentage it touches depends on a random distribution. The cashback is received at the time of making a purchase in the cryptocurrency that is selected among those available in the app. There is a monthly withdrawal limit per person of $100,000 and a daily withdrawal limit of 21 transactions.

Lemon offers a card VISA. Starting this month, customers will find different levels with different percentages of “energy” and therefore cashback. The levels go from 1 to 8 and to level up you have to use the card. If no purchases are made, the cashback goes down. Refunds range from 0.1% to 4%. For every $100 spent with plastic in any currency, one energy is added (which expires every 4 weeks). To obtain a 4% cashback, with this new system, you will have to consume $300,000 per month. The cashback is in BTC.

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goodbit offers a card mastercard Y a cashback between 2% and 5% according to the level you have in the app. The refund also depends on the use. To level up, you have to perform operations on the account. To remain in a level, the volume traded during the last 30 calendar days will be taken into account. Valid operations are those made from crypto to fiat money, nuARS or nuPEN. Here is a breakdown of the amounts and levels.


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Let’s Bit offers a 2.5% cashback for purchases in pesos or nuARS and 3% for purchases with crypto for your Mastercard card. Refunds are made in the currency with which the purchase is made. Within the app you can choose whether to use a physical or virtual card and the payment currency. Being a prepaid card, purchases cannot be made in installments. With this plastic you can access Mastercard promotions.

With Decrypt can be obtained Refunds of 3% when paying in installments, or 2% if the payment is made at the moment. The withdrawal limit is $15,000 in cryptocurrency per month. All withdrawals are in BTC. The card offered by this exchange is a physical prepaid VISA card. It can be paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and DAI as well as in pesos. USDT and DAI can be left as collateral and will serve for finance purchases in up to 12 installments without interest in pesos.

Satoshi Tango offers a VISA card. You can select the currencies of the main account and the secondary account to debit the consumptions of a balance in crypto and you can receive up to 10% cashback in BTC. The return is made through raffles.

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