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Dollar today: how much it closed this Tuesday, November 22, 2022

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It should be remembered that the BCRA ended the last round of last week with sales for US$50 million and ended a two-day streak with purchases. Thus, the red of the week ended above US$189 million and in the month it was just over US$950 million.

Meanwhile, the us dollar today-without taxes- rose $1.30 to $171.52according to the average that arises from the banks of the local financial system. Meanwhile, the dollar banknote in the Nation Bank increased $1 to $170.25 -without taxes-.

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In the parallel market, for its part, the blue dollar increased $2 to $308 and the gap with the official reached 87.2%.

Savings dollar price, Tuesday, November 22

The dollar savings or solidarity dollar-which includes 30% of the tax COUNTRY and 35% deductible from Income Tax and Personal Assets- increased $2.15 to $283.01.

Price of the tourist dollar, Tuesday, November 22

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The tourist dollar or card -retailer plus COUNTRY Tax, and a perception of 45% deductible from Income Tax and Personal Property Tax for consumption with cards abroad of up to US$300 per month- increased $2.28 to $300.16.

Qatar dollar price, Tuesday, November 22

The new qatar dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax, 45% deductible from Income Tax and Personal Property TaxY a new perception of 25% on account of Personal Assets- it increased $2.60 and is trading at $343.04.

It is worth noting that this exchange rate applies to Consumption abroad with debit and credit cards over US$300 per month.

Price of the wholesale dollar, Tuesday, November 22

The wholesale dollar, that directly regulates the BCRA, it rose $1.33 cents to $164.51. The volume operated in the spot segment was US$266,324 million.

Price of the CCL dollar, Tuesday, November 22

The Dollar Cash with Settlement (CCL) falls 72 cents to $331.51. In the previous session, it exceeded $337, a new maximum in three and a half months, and close to the levels of the Qatar dollar. In this way, the gap with the official wholesale exchange rate reached 101.3%.

MEP dollar price, Tuesday, November 22

In turn, the MEP dollar rises $3 to $316.59. On the previous day it reached $318, its highest value since the end of July. Consequently, the spread with the official reached 92.2%.

Price of the crypto dollar, Tuesday, November 22

The crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar falls 0.6% and quote to $320.65, based on the average among local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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