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Christmas bonus: what to invest in to beat inflation and the dollar according to specialists

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What to invest the Christmas bonus in: proposals from Bull Market

According to the sayings of Mauro Mazza, Boss Bull Market Researchthe investment mode of the Christmas bonus must be aggressiveso it recommends buy Argentine Certificates of Deposit (CEDEARs). In this way, fractions of global actionsthat allow to acquire a profitability Paired with Cable Dollar Tracking (the highest on the market, even than blue).

“As a risk position we are suggesting META, the former Facebookthat has made multi-million dollar investments in METAVERSE technologyand also cell phones Manzana They are going to make some security and private information regulations more flexible, which will allow the Facebook and Instagram application to obtain data about customers that will help those who pay for advertising. This will facilitate a flow of information from APPLE that could trigger advertising on those mobiles and so on boost revenue capture“, says the analyst.

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“And we also recommend positioning yourself in Barrick Gold, GOLD, before the expectation that during 2023 the FED will begin to lower the rateand gold is one of the main commodities to raise its price,” says the specialist.

It also mentions that a standardized portfolio should add to the holding of foreign shares, a fixed income pivotthat will allow from the bonus to obtain a monthly flow that provides income distributed periodically. For this, a funds such as Quinquela Ahorro, Delta Gestión VIII, Lam Renta Plus or BULL MARKET PROTECCIÓN, that replicate CER letters, that are revalued by the general level of priceswhich render Come in 3%-4% above inflation.

What to invest the Christmas bonus in: recommendations from Liebre Capital

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Brian Arce, analyst of Capital Harerealizes that as we approach the final stretch of the year, investors seek to position themselves in advance in those assets that have the best prospect of shining in 2023. According to this premise, the market continues to overweight defensive stocks and this can be seen in the evolution of the indices: so far this quarter, the Dow Jones index climbed 17%, Meanwhile he nasdaq index of technological titles rose only 5%.

“The biggest attraction of these companies continues to be the dividends they distribute. Since these payments ARE made every three months, we can select a portfolio of 3 CEDEARs for create a flow of monthly charges in dollar counted with liquidation as Coca Cola (KO), Exxon Mobil (XOM) and AT&T (T). With relatively even weighting, the return of the dividends of these firms exceeded 5% in dollars in the last year, a rate of return that becomes extremely attractive, and in particular, for those who seek to moderate the risk even investing in variable income assets”, indicates the adviser.

What to invest your Christmas bonus in: PPI tips

Lautaro Franco, Head of Digital Account and External Asset Managers of PPI, Maintains that the international context has been beneficial for emerging countries, that added to the latest government measures established to contain the devaluation, such as the soybean dollar 2.0Investor expectations change.

Thus, they lowered the chances of a marked devaluation of the official exchange rate for the coming months, with which Mutual Investment Funds (FCI) that adjust for inflation are a good alternative of short or medium term investment for those who want make rate in pesos with the advantage of liquidity that offer this type of instrument.

Now, for those who know that they are not going to need their bonus money for a longer period of timethe negotiable obligations are an attractive optiondue to the possibility of be dollarized and get returns in this coin around 8 or 10% per year.

“Lastly, for the more aggressivecould be a good time to take advantage of the rally of foreign law sovereign bonds (GD35 for instance). The international scene accompanies this strategy and close to an election year, it could be a risky alternative, but with very high possible returns“, concludes the specialist.

Source: Ambito

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